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michael is gr9 o.k


♥ ʇı ǝʌol ı


Lou. - A word that is short for loser.

LouLou. - Lou Lou is only the most wonderful, amazing person you will ever meet!


''Louise always attracts attention to herself even without trying.
She is extremely intelligent but sometimes a little ditzy when she gets too excited,
but always interesting and fun! Louise usually looks gorgeous and has a fantastic smile that lights Everyone up.
She treats people fairly and truthfully even if they dont like it! Dont mess with her - she will never forget it!
Louise is the greatest one man woman lover you will ever find and is always optimistic with life,
and stubbornly determined to succeed like a warrior at whatever she attempts.
Louise's are great people! Hug one and tell her so today!''


''An annoying, clingy person.
Sick of her.
Not many friends.
Weird in ways.''


''The most evil dog bitch spawn of Satan ever to live.
She is also said to steal the souls of young children,
in order to feed her albino daughter.''


''Total gambean.
Always taking part in a gimpathon.
Has no hair colour.
Horribly long fake nails.
Annoyingly paranoid about everything,
loosen up Louise you big twat.''

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Milky Cat Pattern
Ink and Photoshop
Trying to dabble in pattern, Yum-Yum


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